Summer Bathroom Color Trends

Deciding on a color for your bathroom remodel can be a daunting task. You want your bathroom to feel like a calming oasis while also remaining timeless and stylish. If this sounds familiar, then we’re here to help. When it comes to Florida homeowners a summer color palette is perfect for Florida-style homes. Here are our favorite bathroom remodel colors.

Bright & Sunny Yellow

If there’s one color that personifies summer, it’s bright yellow. This joyful shade is ideal for someone who wants to bring sunshine into their home. It can be used as either as an accent color or the primary color in your remodel. For example, consider yellow subway tiles in the shower or try pairing yellow walls with a crisp white or a warm grey tile for a serene, modern look.

Soft Blue

Today a soft blue is considered a neutral color akin to white or gray. It’s also perfect for a summer color palette as blue can look both contemporary and classy. Choose a white tile with blue accents, or a blue vanity to offset a gray or bright white bathroom. The options are truly endless.

Warm Off-White

An all-white bathroom will never leave the list of the top bathroom color trends. Not only is it chic, modern, and clean, but when you choose a warmer toned white it’s extremely relaxing. Try pairing it with pops of natural wood to make the space feel more homey and warm, or with a soft blue.

Beachy Teal

If you want to mimic the shades of the ocean try incorporating a beachy shade of teal. You’ll feel like the waves of the Florida Gulf are the inspiration of your bathroom every time you step inside. Teal is a great color choice for anyone looking for a calming shade.

Choosing glossy teal tiles for your shower or as a feature wall in the bathroom is a great option. Teal also pairs well with gold or silver, so opt for hardware like faucets, showerheads, and knobs in these finishes.

Sage Green

One color on that is consistently popular for bathroom redesigns is sage green. From an accent color or the main color of your bathroom this subtle shade of green is an excellent choice. It’s ideal as a wall color since it isn’t too bold, but also can be used in your tile work or your vanity.

Sage works well with natural hues like natural woods, creams, tans, and browns.

Earth Tones

Utilizing earth tones in your bathrooms allows nature to flow into your bathroom without putting in a ton of effort. Tans, browns, and terracotta all are great color options for homeowners that want a more subtle design.

Incorporate natural materials like stone floors and tiles to make the space feel modern while also utilizing touches of a deep forest green to accent the room.