Design Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, regardless of where in Florida you live. It’s where you prepare your meals, entertain guests, and spend time as a family. For these reasons, most homeowners want their kitchen to be inviting, spacious, free of clutter, and extremely functional.

The modern kitchen is bright and fresh, and provides enough space to prepare meals, hangout, do homework and much more. In this article, we discuss tips for designing a modern kitchen in your own home.

Add an Eat-In Table

The addition of a table to create an eat-in kitchen is a widely popular choice for modern kitchens. In addition to adding more dining space, but it also alleviates the need to have a formal dining room in many homes. In some cases, you can even make your eat-in table part of your kitchen island to turn it into a multi-use space.

Utilize Creative Lighting

A small kitchen can look bigger when it’s well-lit. So make sure you optimize the natural lighting in your kitchen by installing some big windows or a skylight. Other than lighting up a place, natural light can improve the ambiance of any room in the house. This beautiful kitchen enjoys ample light. You can also add under-cabinet lighting to help beautify your kitchen in the evening. Under-cabinet lighting comes in several colors, so make sure you pick something that matches your décor

Opt for an All White Kitchen

Nothing says modern more than an all-white kitchen. In addition to a while kitchen being effective and simple, an all-white kitchen makes a bold statement. If you are concerned about your kitchen looking too clean, try mixing the white with other neutral colors such as grey or black.

Build a Multi-Purpose Space

Modern kitchens that are clean and clutter-free have the potential to be more than just cooking spaces. Things like adding an eat-in table is an obvious choice, but what about a small office space or homework center? This space can double as an additional cooking space for holidays or large gatherings while being a functional space to get some work done in busy Florida homes.

Add Colorful Backsplash Tiles

No Florida kitchen remodeling project is really complete without a matching backsplash and new floor tiles. Backsplashes have been a crucial part of most kitchen remodeling projects, especially for modern kitchens. Other than protecting your wall, backsplashes complement the countertops giving your kitchen a modern look. The shape, pattern, and color of the tiles you choose can truly elevate your home remodeling project and really create a classy, modern look.  

Opt for a Sleek Finish

All ultra-modern kitchens have glossy, luxurious-looking surfaces. These surfaces include the kitchen cabinets, which can be easily streamlined with the kitchen’s design. For a perfect finish, make sure the kitchen island drawers and cupboards have matching colors and a shiny finish.

These kitchens also have a sleek floor and backsplash tiles. For a luxurious backsplash, you can install either marble or glass backsplash tiles instead of a wooden one, and match them with the floor tiles. Remember this is the most used space in any home, so make sure you purchase some durable tiles. 

Incorporate Black and Stainless Steel

New and trending appliance styles and colors will come and go, but the classic look of stainless steel will remain a top choice for kitchens of all styles including modern kitchens. So if you want to add a long-lasting look to your kitchen, select stainless steel finishes and appliances. For a modern look combine stainless steel finishes with black cabinets or countertops.

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