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Why Should I Color Seal My Grout?

If you’re wondering whether it is worth it to color seal your grout, read on:

Why You Should Seal Your Grout

You may not be aware but dust, water vapor, and age all contribute to degrading grout over time. While tile is extremely durable, grout tends to be more fragile and requires more attention and at times replacement or color sealing. It’s important that grout is sealed properly on installation in order for it to maintain its structure and look clean.

Sealing is the best way to reduce the damaging effects of water on the grout. Homeowners have the option to choose between a clear seal or a color seal, both are equally effective.

Color sealing is often preferred over clear sealing because it’s an easy way to give your grout a like-new look and make it look like it did when it was first installed. Color sealant helps to protect your grout from the elements and also makes your tile and subsequently your home look more aesthetically pleasing.

Other Benefits of Color Sealing

Debris, dirt, and dust will all negatively affect the look of your grout making it look old and dirty. Since you want your home or business looking clean and pristine, it’s important to prevent dirt and debris from embedding in your grout. Once this happens no amount of scrubbing and cleaning will help.

New color sealant gives your home a clean, new look, and also comes in a variety of hues that can transform the look of your bathroom, kitchen, or business. Color sealant will help to repel stains and keep your grout looking fresh for a long time. Color seal can last up to a decade when cared for and maintained properly, which includes professional cleanings annually.

Color Sealant vs. Clear Sealant

As mentioned previously you can also choose to go with clear sealant if you prefer this look, since it is just as durable. However, we highly recommend color sealants as they are simply unbeatable when it comes to a bright, vibrant look.

Interested in applying color seal to the grout in your Florida home or business? Our team of tile professionals can help you out with our years of expertise and provide you with a quote today.